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Portable Paint Stations in different versions
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Portable Paint Stations

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"The Outpost"

This diorama has been created by renowned German terrain specialist 
Tabletop Lenny  with the help of our kits. The Miniatures (Thoughest Girls of the Galaxy von Raging Heroes) were professionally painted by the largest German painting service, at the Phantasos-Studio.
Of course Lenny has integrated LED-lighting to set the mood just right.

The miniatures have been painted by 
Phantasos-Studio and integrated into the display.

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10mm building range, great for Dropzone Commander and other systems.

WarMage Games is a company located in northern Germany, near the city of Bremen, specializing in products that support the Tabletop-Wargaming community.

We believe in our credo of "by hobby ethusiasts for hobby ethusiasts"

This means that we are committed to deliver the highest possible quality products for the people that are as involved in the hobby as we are ourselves. Everything that we offer has been tested with the tabletop community in mind. If it doesn't make sense in our world, we won't offer it.

Having started more than 25 years ago playing tabletop games and painting miniatures, building terrain and enjoying the community and friends in the hobby, we have a deep knowledge and background of the hobby.

We are avid terrain-builders, but often frustrated with the difficulties of finding certain bits and pieces from one source. So, as we are expanding, we will add more items and categories to offer even more of the various items needed. We will always try to offer these items in small quantities as we understand, from our own experience, that you don't always want a large amount of a particular item for the project that you have in mind.

We ship worldwide (with some exclusions), and constantly extend our product range.

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