Bases for miniatures

 Four categories:
Display Bases:

Here you find our display bases, which look great in your cabinet, but can also be used in a game, as the individual bases are removeable. 


Design Bases:

Here you find miniature bases that have been specially designed to fit certain themes, and even ones that can be custom engraved to your specifications! Different designs, available in wood or even acrylic.

Acrylic Bases:

Our InvisaBases© are almost invisible! This creates a more realistic effect, as if the miniature is actually walking over the battlefield. Available in different colors also.

Wooden Bases:

Bases in classic shapes and sizes, fitting most playing systems. Due to the higher weight of the wooden bases, compared to the standard plastic ones, especially plastic miniatures are less likely to topple over.

If you don't find a certain size or shape, just let us know and we will make them!