6 mm / scale 1:285

Welcome to Federation City

Federation City is our terrain system for 6mm (1:285th) game systems like Robotech RPG Tactics or Battletech. The goal was to get away for the typical 5cm x 5cm x 5cm / 2” x 2” x 2" cube buildings you normally see when building a 6mm city and inject a little more realism with buildings that can create a modern city skyline. So things like multi-block warehouses or hospitals are included in the system as well. The buildings are tall because most cities grow up before they grow out. Even average sized buildings offer full cover for most models, with the true sky scrapers putting things into perspective. That 4 to 8 story tall mech is no match for the typical 20 to 30 story building.

The buildings are hollow designs. Some kits will includes a mix of wood and acrylic parts that easily glue together with standard white glue (different glue for acrylics) in just a few minutes into sturdy buildings that should last through years of game play.

Buildings are available in singles or table section sets, offered at a special price, to allow you to quickly build complete cities with varied skylines.

All the kits in this system can easily be lighted for added detail.

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