Buying gift vouchers
Gift vouchers are a great idea for friends and family.

With our easy voucher system, the recipient can choose the kits he wants in our shop and we will send them to him directly. This way, you gift something the other person likes, without having to select definitive products.
The gift vouchers can be combined to get the toal amount you want to gift.

Gift vouchers can be bought just like normal items. As soon as you bought a gift voucher, we will activate it after the payment and send you an email. Then the amount appears in your shop-account in the shopping cart. Now you can select the link "send gift voucher". 
How to send gift vouchers
To send a gift voucher, log into your account and klick the link "send gift voucher" in your shopping cart. To send a gift voucher, we need the following information: First & last name of the recipient and a valid email adress for the recipient. The amount you wish to send (you can also send partial amounts of your credit). You can add a short note to the recipient. Please double-check the information before sending it. You can correct things until you send the voucher. 
Shopping with a gift voucher
As soon as you have a credit, you can use it to pay for your order (including shipping). During the purchasing process, you can select to use your credit. In case your credit is lower than the total amount, you have to select a payment method for the remainder. If your credit is higher than the order amount, the remaining credit will stay in your shop-account for future use (only if you register as a customer. Not possible for guest accounts, as the system won't know who to credit the remainder to). 
Adding gift vouchers
If you received a gift voucher via email, you can add it as such:
1. Click onto the link in the email. If you don't have a personal customer account with us yet, you can create one.
2. After you added a product to the shopping cart, you can enter your voucher code in the field in the shopping cart. The amount will be credited to your account. 
In case of problems:
In the rare case that there is an issue with a gift voucher, please contact us via email: info@warmage.de. Please describe the problem in detail. Important information are (amongst others): Your customer numer & name, the voucher code, the error messages of the system and the type of brower you used.