painting tips

Painting tips:

Especially made out of birch plywood, our kits look great even without paint. But painted, they look even better.

Paint all wooden pieces in basic colors BEFORE gluing the pieces in place sometimes makes it easier to quickly paint large amounts of pieces in one go. Don’t paint the acrylic pieces of course.

Use a primer to ensure good paint adhesion on the wood. Spray cans or an airbrush are best for this.

As the wood material absorbs more paint than lead or plastik, it is advisable to use larger paintpots of a cheaper range versus the expensive miniature paints. Use acrylic colors.

Washes can easily create great weathering and shading effects, as does light drybrushing on the edges. Remember the scale when applying these effects. They need to be larger than on a miniature, but not too large, as it will look unrealistic. You can use oil colors for great rust streaks, and the salt technique works well too.

Paint the large areas first and the details last.

TIP: print small posters on regular paper, and glue them on the sides of the buildings as advertisement, wanted posters and such. This will drastically and easily increase the realism of the scenery. A quick search on the internet will give you some great posters and propaganda pictures to use.

How to paint acrylic:
here a video on how to paint our acrylic markers, tokens and gaming aids:

If you have a painted kit, send us a nice picture of it! 
We can then, with your permission, post them with our product pictures, to show off your handywork and give others some good ideas on paint schemes.

Have fun!

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