Our different paint holders and stands

 Here you will find our different paint holder and paint stand systems.

These have been designed to make life easier for you, and to hold as many paints as possible in as little space as needed, and to work well with each other. Never again search for that specific paint!
Please be aware that some systems are offered for paints of specific producers / sizes. Please select the appropriate ones when ordering.

As we are constantly working on new products, check back regularly to get the latest updates.

All kits are cut and engraved via a laser. Some slight curring may be required.
You can choose for all wood kits to have them made in either 3mm MDF or 3mm birch plywood. This way, they fit in better with your exsisting terrain.

Kits that have acrylic elements or are fully acrylic also normally offer you a choice of colors for further customization.

All kits come unpainted and require assembly. Miniatures or paints shown are not included, and shown for scale purposes only. Some pictures may show optional items, which may not be included in the kit. All rights to the design, logos, trademarks or other rights of third party companies remain soely with the individual company that owns these rights. In no way do we have a direct or indirect affiliation with any of these companies, unless we sell items from a particular company.